Duduk sorang-sorang.
Macam-macam perasaan menerpa.
Sangat merbahaya. Istighfar banyak-banyak. Kadang-kadang rasa senyuman, gelak ketawa harini 40% adalah palsu.
I just cannot think.
There was happiness all around,
But I was feeling blue,
There was sunshine all around,
But I felt the sky crying tears although few.

I don't know what was happening to me,
i wasn't able to smile and just wanted to flee ,

The emptiness
Attention perhaps.
Oh gosh !
Wake up. If a broken heart Needs a mend, how was it suppose to be..
I just here, standing, begging for you. To be truth.
Ya Allah, letakkanlah dunia ini hanya di tangan bukan di hati.

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