confession of mine will be forever ,no doubt or turning back.
knowing you make me realize bout love,sadness, missing someone
when you not around, make me think deeply bout life, how am i going to explain this through word? ..i juz can't loosing you ,i just can detect whats going wrong when you doing something which is not as usual,
i know, u strong and willing to do what you really want to prove, but i just cant let u go,
i want u like before..i want you to share every single things with me. becoz; i;m happy when u remember me.

i'm afraid to be near you, i'm afraid to hold you, eventhough deep inside me, dying to do so, we rather hurt each other and think ,thats the best for us.
I cannot just stand watching you like that, but.. still ...what can i do?? am afraid,
hessitate in every action ,every step toward you,to be close with you.

i dont want to let u go ..NO, never.

i just want u to understand.i try too much..dont do this to me ,
i feel the pain, i'm down each time you say 'nothing'..

and with this vow, i will smiLe owez looking at you, hoping all the great
things granted you my dear. this is not the madness but its heart binding ,i try to find teory or hypotessis why this could happen to me,,and the result is nil.

i dont care what peoPLe say, they can't simply judge..
this is not typical "love'
sayang,kasih,suka, or what soever...its just define by heart when u feel it.

someone says that,i should 'nt have worry too much ..
true..but how am i wanna stop my heart,my mind to not ever think about u.

sumtimes, i mad to myself..why should i think about you, because maybe u dont care about me at all. perhaps u have someone else .yeap!!..thats the answer,
someone not listed anymore...knowing that make me broken into pieces.
i never regret knowing you,luving u, sharing all this while..thank you.

Am weak.. am weak when its comes about you. damn true. cannot ressist you.. ehemm not YOU.. definitely maybe~
let me keep to myself as secreto de'amor....

haha.. laugh n tears
please dont do this to me.
longing to hold u.

............We can only learn to love by loving.

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