my =) ...

I miss the oLd Me..
The gooD part of me
That free to go
Never think about anything
Let Go 

I miss my SMiLe
my SmiLe.
Yes!! hide it somewhere?
I miss the oLd me that think less unlike these day 

I've Change
What did I do?
every fear that i had.
feel like lost something
What is it?
stuck around 
I was left in rain

Look at you..
don't you know.. I'm smiling at you
But you can't see..
because i smile for you
in another way around you.
nor For me??? 

Still standing looking by any chances
anything that let fate fares me better..
Where is you?
here is only me, myself.
Help me find my Smile back.

So quite
Can't hear from you.
Your silence can be so loud
My Heart ache
easy for you.
Where is my smile?
thats all i ever wanted.

Because for you..
theres always somebody else
That was a mistake.. tell me it was a mistake
its nothing but the obviously

I was try to be someone to you
i guess you knew

Different oLd & New

Oh Don't Forget to return my SMiLe anyway...

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