...in life

some of the best moments in life:

Orang selalu kata masa akan mengubati. Tidak kira ia luka, bengkak, calar, emosi ataupun hubungan sekalipun, masa akan mengubati semuanya.Benar ke? DON'T WANNA SEE..

  • falling in love with the one around you
  • laughing until your stomach hurts
  • finding lots of mails from your friends  
  • driving to a nice place
  • listening your favorite song on the radio
  • laying in bed and hearing the rain
  • getting out of the shower and feeling your warm towel
  • passing your final exam
  • receiving a call from someone you haven't seen in years
  • having a good conversation
  • finding money in jeans you didn't wear since last year
  • laughing about yourself
  • calls at midnight that last hours
  • laughing for no reason at all
  • hearing that someone is saying something nice about you
  • waking up, and knowing that you can sleep for more hours
  • listening to that song that reminds you of that 'special person'
  • being part of a team
  • Waiting your first kiss when u get married
  • making new friends
  • feeling butterflies on your stomach every time you see that 'person'
  • spending quality time with your buddies
  • watching all your loved ones being happy
  • using the sweater of that special person, with their perfume still on it
  • having someone to say 'i love u' to
  • that someone says to you 'i love you'
  • a friend comes when you call, your best friend comes, even though you don't call...

i really gonna miss this and sheding a tears. I Swear.

By the time you begin missing them,
You realize they won’t be missing you anymore.


Nota kaki
1) Time is ticking my dear.. What should i do to not let you go..
2) Its hard for me when i cannot do anything except watch they go 

Ath : Kawan sejati akan menjaga kita seperti seorang ibu, marah kita seperti seorang bapa, kacau kita seperti seorang kakak, buat kita meluat seperti seorang abang dan akan menyayangi kita lebih dari seorang kekasih. 
Betul eh?

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