Real Bored

Its Sunday
My Familly went out
My Car was Used
I Put myself literally zero now
Seriously. Totally zero Gravity nor Productivity
Just a little bit of danger 
I Just don't mind lying on the sofa focusing on TV
Graping everything near make laziness conquer
 Lazy. Yes The Lazy Sunday.
What is there to know? 

 The silence is slowly killing

When I see this boy i go like

Am i going to break free?
..nak jadi hati kering. Boleh?
Like this

I miss you & i'm gonna reply " =) tak yah nak miss miss sangat eh
Sebab takut nanti " feeling change, people change"
It taste " Suicide"
Believe me.
used to feelin pain 

Menjarakkan & mengabaikan
 Once again Telling
Bitter sweet of Life
And I'm on the see
Wanna get in

Wanna go outside & do something...
Driving far far far...away..

Glad to see you, 
Whats your name, can i have your number :p


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